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D&Y Series: Make Room for Joy by Downsizing, A Step-by-Step Guide.   Part 2: Tackling What’s Missing


We’ve helped many clients though the downsizing process and some of us have gone through it ourselves, so we know how daunting it can be.  That’s why we created the Make Room for Joy by Downsizing series, to provide you with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide.  

As a quick review, in Part 1 we discussed completing the first steps:

·      Focus:  Using our downsizing worksheet 1, consider your motivations and define your vision for the end result.

·      Plan: Review your options regarding location and types of housing available.

·      Evaluate: Plan out your room arrangements and using our downsizing worksheet 2, determine what you already have and want to bring and what needs replacing or is missing.

Welcome to Part 2: Tackling What’s Missing. 

At Decor&You, we refer to the process of addressing the needs for your new home as “Your Possibilities Creation”. This is your opportunity to create a space you will love!

You may have some ideas about how to “create” your ideal environment or you may not.  The important part here is to think outside the box.  Come up with your own ideas, but do some research for inspiration and ideas. This can come in the form of reviewing magazines or utilizing online resources such as Houzz, Pinterest, or Instagram. Additionally, ask for ideas from others. You may have a friend or family member who has a good “eye.” And of course, don’t overlook the opportunity of working with a professional who is trained to see space through your eyes and make suggestions that you may not even think about.

Our worksheet, Your Styleprint Specifics, will help you consider all the important elements of creating a well-rounded decor plan. These elements include:

·      Aesthetic & Functional Preferences

·      Lighting

·      Color Theme

·      Room Arrangement

·      Furniture

·      Walls

·      Flooring

·      Ceiling

·      Window Treatments

·      Artwork

·      Accessories

·      Storage

We suggest that you come up with three different plans for your space and select the one that appeals most to you.  Why three? Three is a powerful number and it is always good to have one option that you can say “no” to.  That will give you more confidence in your final choice. Before making your final decision, present your three options to someone.  The act of doing this enables you to take another look at your motivations behind each plan and may result in you having some “ah-ha” moments. Sometimes something you originally thought “oh no, that’s not for me” will grow on you.

One you’ve made your final selection, identify what you already have that will work within that plan and create a shopping list for the items that you will need to get. And don’t forget to congratulate yourself - you’ve completed Part 2 of the Make Room for Joy with Downsizing Series! Next month we will coach you through Part 3 – Your Action Plan

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