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Creating WOW FACTOR spaces is our Specialty

At Decor&You, your Styleprint® Decor Designer has your best interests at heart from the very first day we meet to the day of your grand reveal.  The designs that we create for you are mix of art and science (yes, really!) that are reflective of your distinct goals, personality and design aesthetic.  We are exceptional at delivering spaces that create a WOW FACTOR.  Our clients frequently tell us that we bring ideas to the table that they never could have imagined on their own. Decor&You decorators also have the ability to bring two diverging style preferences together in a way that allows both parties to be happy with the result.

Here’s how we create your WOW FACTOR space:

·     We listen to your vision and goals, yet we go the extra mile to gain an understanding behind whyyou have chosen them in the first place.  This allows us to gain a deeper insight into how your space will function and flowfor your particular lifestyle needs both now and in the future.

·     We do a complete evaluationof your space, going beyond just the room measurements. This includes the relationship to other rooms, your home’s architectural characteristics and existing aesthetic look and feel, evaluating sun exposure and current lighting, as well as your home and community setting.

·     We discuss your personal style preferences, both likes and dislikes. If you’re not sure what they are, no problem!  We’ll discover them with you!

·     We create spaces that work within your investment parameters. However, if there are coordinating items or upgrade options, we will introduce it to you for consideration noting that it is above the identified investment range.  As always, the choice is yours.

·     We present you with three options to choose from.  Often, clients will take pieces and parts from particular options and create a fourth!

·     You make your final selections and we go to work taking measurement, placing orders, coordinating deliveries, and setting up your space to showcase your styleprint!

Ready to get started on a space of your own? Your local Styleprintdecorator would be happy to create a WOW FACTOR space for you. Simply click on the Find Your Local Decorator button below to find a pro near you.

Posted 280 weeks ago